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Twin Oaks Pharmacy Vitamins

  • $51.10

    Prenatal SAP Multivitamin 180 Capsules NFH

    Vitamin and mineral supplementation, while planning for parenthood and during pregnancy, helps ensure optimal nutrition for the health of the mothe...

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  • $28.60

    L-Carnitine Tartrate SAP 90 Capsules NFH

    L-Carnitine plays an important role in fatty acid metabolism and has important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. L-Carnitine is a nones...

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  • $64.70

    Inositol SAP 500g Powder Formula NFH

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common cause of ovulatory disorders and female infertility. Signs and symptoms of PCOS may include ano...

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    Zinc Citrate 15mg 90 Tablets Natural Factors

    90 Tablets Enhances immune system Foundation for good over-all health Essential for healthy sexual function   Natural Factors Zinc Citrate is a...

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  • $15.99

    Vitamin K2 100mcg 60 Capsules Natural Factors

    60 Vegetable capsules Helps in the normal development and maintenance of bones and teeth Helps guide calcium into bones Inhibits the calcificatio...

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  • $10.40

    Vitamin D3 1000 IU 180 Softgels Natural Factors

    Buy One Get One Free! Aids in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth Helps reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis when combined w...

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  • $61.59

    Coenzyme Q10 200mg 120 Softgels Natural Factors

    120 Softgels Supports heart health and maintains normal heart function Potent antioxidant Free radical scavenger Promotes healthy gums Restores e...

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  • from $15.79

    Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) 100mg Natural Factors

    Supports heart health and maintains normal heart function Potent antioxidant Free radical scavenger Promotes healthy gums Restores energy and vit...

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  • $20.80

    Zinc SAP Zinc Picolinate 60 Capsules NFH

    Zinc SAP contains a highly absorbable form of zinc, called zinc picolinate. Zinc is a mineral that is essential in both innate and adaptive immune ...

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  • $32.80

    Trident SAP 66:33 Omega-3 60 Softgels Lemon Flavour NFH

    Trident SAP 66:33 Lemon Flavour is a fish oil of exceptional purity, standardized to the highest concentration. Each softgel provides 990 mg of EP...

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  • $56.10

    ProBio SAP Probiotics 90 Capsules NFH

    Probiotics are dietary microbial mixtures that beneficially affect the host by improving intestinal microbial balance. Although large numbers of mi...

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  • $37.90

    PQ10 SAP 100mg 60 Capsules NFH

    Coenzyme Q10 is produced by the human body and is necessary for the basic functioning of healthy living cells. It has two main physiological roles:...

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  • $37.50

    PMS SAP 60 Capsules NFH

    PMS SAP is a synergistic blend of chasteberry, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin B6 used to help regulate menstrual cycle concerns. This formulation assis...

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  • $61.00

    Oocyte SAP 120 Capsules NFH

    Female infertility is a contributing factor for about one third of infertility cases. The cause of female infertility is linked to ovulation probl...

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  • $27.40

    NAC SAP 90 Capsules NFH

    N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a precursor to glutathione synthesis and also acts on its own to reduce the effects of reactive oxygen species. NAC also ...

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  • $29.20

    Menopause SAP 60 Capsules NFH

    Menopause SAP can help mitigate the severity and frequency of hot flashes, improve sleep quality, foster mental wellbeing, and improve menopause-a...

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  • $17.30

    Melatonin SAP 3mg 60 Tablets NFH

    Melatonin is a hormone (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) produced especially at night in the pineal gland. Its secretion is stimulated by darkness and...

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  • $20.80

    Liquid Melatonin SAP 50ml NFH

    Melatonin is a hormone (N‑acetyl-5‑methoxytryptamine) produced especially at night in the pineal gland. Its secretion is stimulated by darkness and...

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  • $76.10

    Male Fertility SAP 120 Capsules NFH

    Male infertility due to impaired semen parameters is a global medical concern affecting couples of reproductive age. Amongst various disorders caus...

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  • $30.60

    Magnesium SAP 90 Capsules NFH

    Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in North America. It can contribute to a multitude of symptoms and long-term h...

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  • $30.60

    Maitake SAP 60 Capsules NFH

    Maitake SAP is a hot water-extracted medicinal mushroom. Its latin name is Grifola frondosa, but it is also known as “hen of the woods” or “king of...

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  • $34.50

    Lavender SAP 60 Softgels NFH

    Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for centuries for its anxiolytic and calming properties. Lavender ...

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  • $17.20

    L-5-MTHF SAP 60 Capsules NFH

    Folic acid, or folate, is a B vitamin that must be derived from either dietary sources or via supplementation. Folate is necessary for a biochemica...

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  • $35.00

    I3C (Indole-3-carbinol) SAP 60 Capsules NFH

    Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) is a phytochemical derived in high concentrations from the Brassica family of vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower, ...

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