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Amino Octane Iron Vegan

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  • Iron Vegan
  • Delicious tart cherry flavour
  • 10 g of fermented vegan BCAAs to support the development and recovery of muscle tissue and improve endurance
  • 5 g of fermented l-glutamine to supports immune function following the stress of high-intensity activity
  • Contains magnesium bysglycinate to support muscle function
  • Fortified with beet root to minimize the free-radicals produced by exercise
  • Includes coconut water for electrolyte support

IRON VEGAN AMINO OCTANE is a plant-based source of high-potency vegan, fermented BCAAs and L-Glutamine. Each scoop provides the nutrients required to support the needs of high-performance athletes. Fermented BCAAs help build and support the recovery of muscle tissue as well as improve skeletal energy uptake. Fermented L-Glutamine supports strength and immune function while also reducing exhaustion after periods of physical exertion. With nutrients such as magnesium bysglycinate, beet root and coconut water, supplementing with Amino Octane will also support muscle function, help prevent free radical damage and provide a steady supply of electrolytes. IRON VEGAN AMINO OCTANE is naturally flavoured, sweetened and coloured!