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Atoma Oral Wound Cleanser Mouthwash 20 Sachets


To help treat gingivitis, canker sores, denture or orthodontic irritation, and minor oral injuries after dental procedures.

Directions: Adults and children 6 years and up: 1 Sachet (dissolved in 30mL warm water) 3 times a day. Do not swallow. Use immediately in as many mouthfuls required to use up all the solution. Swish the solution around in the mouth and in between teeth for at least 1 minute per mouthful and expel. For best results, do not take food or other liquid for 20 minutes after using Atoma Oral Wound Cleanser. Stop in a cool, dark environment away from heat exposure or direct light.

Medicinal Ingredient: Sodium Perborate Monohydrate 1.2g.
Non-Medicinal Ingredient: Tartaric acid, Sodium Saccharin, Natural Peppermint Flavour and Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Warning: Do not swallow. This product must not be used in infants or children under 6 years of age unless directed by a dentist or physician. Children under 12 should be supervised in the use of this product. Do not use Atoma Oral Wound Cleanser more than 7 days, unless directed by a dentist or physician. In case of persistent inflammation, swelling, bleeding, pain or if fever develops discontinue use and consult a dentist.