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Bach Clematis Flower Essence 20ml


A Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis is especially indicated for those who are yearning for a future state, even as they experience apathy of unconcern towards the existing moment.

Clematis is beneficial for individuals who doze off very easily into reverie as well as fantasies regarding the prospect feeling that their life would change for the better then compared to their current situation. People who require this flower essence remedy usually appear to be daydreaming or lethargic and may perhaps complain of absent-mindedness or even an absence of attentiveness or concentration. Such individuals normally have chilly feet and hands and frequently require plenty of sleep. The absence of desire among these people to be completely present denotes that they are just floating in thin air most of their time and are normally not grounded and this makes them to have a propensity to look inept or prone to accidents.

Intellectuals as well as individuals, such as writers and artists, who are deeply engaged in their imagination usually require the 'reality check' that is offered by Clematis.