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Benylin for Children Night Cough 100ml

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What it does

Night-time coughs can be disruptive for the whole family.

BENYLIN® Children’s Night Cough is the only cough liquid for children designed specifically for night time.

The syrup contains active ingredients to relieve a cough and dry a runny nose.

How it works

To help you and your little one get a good night's sleep. Suitable for children from 6 years.

What is a night cough?

Coughing starts when part of your breathing passage becomes inflamed or irritated.

The cough is simply a reflex to try and remove the irritant and clear the airway.

Coughs can either be productive (producing excess mucus or phlegm) or unproductive (producing no mucus or phlegm).

Chesty and mucus coughs are productive, whereas dry and tickly coughs are unproductive.