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Bio Skin & Coat Formula 400g Biologic Vet

  • Recommended for dogs and cats, of any age, with a predisposition to seasonal and non-seasonal allergies
  • Recommended for dogs and cats showing signs of hotspots and/ or yeast overgrowth
  • Lignan-rich BioFIBRE encourages nutrient absorption and functions as a hormonal support for spayed and neutered pets
  • Gmo-free. Does not contain artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders

BioSKIN&COAT is a natural, bioflavonoid based antihistamine that targets histamine receptors—where the central allergy response takes place. BioSKIN and COAT is developed to promote skin and coat health by supporting normal immune system and histamine response to allergens. Added to an organic, whole food, seed-cake to optimize palatability and nutrient bioavailability. GMO-free BioSKIN and COAT was designed specifically for the canine and feline metabolism and gastrointestinal tract, with biologically active ingredients that have not been exposed to oxidation. For optimal results: BioSKIN and COAT works synergistically with our nutritional foundation products BioVITES and BioFATS, a pet-complete precise ratio of essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids with DHA and EPA. Helps optimize, nourish, protect and support general health including skin and coat health. BiologicVET has committed to health Canada’s Veterinary Health Products (VHP) program, in accordance with GMP requirements. VHP ensures that only approved and safe ingredients are used in the products. BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system with BioFIBRE, formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of your pet’s diet. Formulated for your dog or cat’s unique biological makeup. Potency and freshness . Cats and dogs love it, they’ll lick their bowl clean. Does not contain artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.