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Complete Vege Pro-7 Vanilla Flavour 600g North Coast Naturals

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  • 7 ORGANIC PLANT-BASED PROTEINS | Experience the benefits of the 7 organic, non-GMO vegan proteins - sprouted brown rice, pumpkin seed, hemp seed, sprouted quinoa, chia seed, coconut and alfalfa.
  • 20 G OF COMPLETE UNDENATURED PROTEIN | Protein is vital to build and repair body tissue and fight viral and bacterial infections. Immune system powerhouses such as antibodies and immune system cells rely on protein.
  • EASILY DIGESTED & LOW ALLERGENICITY | Complete Vege Pro-7 is a whole food-based option for those looking for a highly digestible, gluten-free and low-allergenic vegan protein powder. Formulated without soy, dairy, gluten or pea.
  • TASTES GREAT | Naturally flavoured Vanilla or Chocolate that tastes great in just water.
  • MIXES EASILY | Unlike many other vegan proteins, no blender is required.

If you’re looking to meet all your protein and amino acid needs, Complete Vege Pro-7 has you covered. Getting enough quality protein is often a challenge. This blended vegan protein offers one of the best and most convenient options for individuals looking to incorporate more plant-based proteins into their diet without having to compromise on quality and digestibility. It mixes easily, tastes great in just water or your favourite smoothie, and is suitable for those with food sensitivities.