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Fermented Glutamine 300g Orange Flavour North Coast Naturals

  • Canada’s original #1 fermented L-glutamine powder
  • Made from fermented, non-GMO vegetables
  • Micronized for greater solubility & uptake

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body, clearly suggesting its importance. After periods of physical stress, disease or intense exercise, supplementing with glutamine has been shown to help restore plasma glutamine levels, assist in muscle cell repair, and support immune and digestive system health. Maintain lean tissue, reduce recovery time from injury or disease, support antioxidant levels, and support gastrointestinal health with North Coast Naturals Fermented Glutamine. As a trusted dietary supplement, glutamine has had a long and safe tradition spanning over three decades. Use this Fermented Glutamine post-workout for best results.