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Hyland's Baby Oral Pain Relief 125 Quick Dissolve Tablets


Babies use their mouths to learn about the world around them. No wonder they get so upset when their mouths hurt! Now, you can do something to help your little one find relief from mouth and gum pain. Hyland’s brings you the Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets - small, soft tablets dissolve instantly, to make taking them easier for your baby. You can get on with your day, and your baby can get back to being her smiling self. 

  • Relieves Oral Discomfort, Pain, Irritability, Swelling,
  • For Babies Ages 0 Months+
  • Safe and Gentle Formula 
  • All Natural Active Ingredients
  • No Benzocaine, Belladonna, Artificial Flavors, Dyes or Parabens