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Liquid Carnitine 2X Potency Tropical Punch Flavour

  • 473ml Tropical Punch Flavoured Liquid
  • No Artificial FLavours, Colours or Sweeteners
  • Helps the Body to Use Body Fat for Fuel
  • Vegetarian Sourced
  • Fast Liquid Delivery & Absorption

PVL Liquid Carnitine helps release energy from stored body fat. In living cells, it's required for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria to be used as energy during exercise. Our Liquid Carnitine is pharmaceutical grade, pure, simple, and Informed Choice certified.

Feel the effects when L-carnitine moves fatty acids from your blood to your muscle to be used as energy—train like the elite athlete that you’re meant to be.

Each product is carefully developed, expertly researched, and athlete approved!