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Matcha Tea Herbal Tea Bulk Pack Celebration Herbals


A strong, full bodied tea that brews to a rich green colour; Matcha has the classic deep flavour and aroma associated with Japanese style teas.

Recently, Matcha has become a staple in gourmet cafés and is used in all manner of beverages like latés, milkshakes, and bubble tea.

Matcha Tea
Thé Matcha en vrac

Full bodied Japanese style Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea prepared in the Japanese style

Contains Caffeine

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (Camellia sinensis)

Originating in Japan and traditionally used in their tea ceremony, Matcha is considered by many connoisseurs to be the most potent and healthiest Green Tea in the world. This reputation stems from crucial preparation differences:

  • Tea leaves used for Matcha are shade grown and the entire leaf is powdered to make the tea.
  • Matcha powder is very fine, and is mixed directly with water to make a ‘super-charged’ form of Green Tea.
  • Matcha has hundreds more nutrients than most Green Teas, and a very high antioxidant content, surpassing that of blueberries.

This strong, deep flavoured Green Tea is high in caffeine and is said to provide a long lasting mental lift, making it an excellent and tasty coffee alternative.