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Nicorette Polacrilex Gum 2mg 30 Pieces


Looking for great taste and intense craving relief? Nicorette® Gum has been specifically formulated to provide fast craving relief and curb withdrawal symptoms, to help you quit smoking your way.

Its patented dual-coated technology results in a burst of flavor – try crisp White Ice Mint®, tasty Fruit Chill™ or delicious Cinnamon Surge™. With its assortment of tongue-tingling flavors and two strengths, Nicorette® Gum gives you the confidence to quit more easily. 

Used alongside a behavioral support program to aid quitting, Nicorette® Gum works by delivering therapeutic doses of nicotine that help you reduce your nicotine dependence gradually. For best results, use great-tasting Nicorette® Gum as part of a 12-week program that includes behavioral support.


Great Taste. Greater Benefits.

Craving Relief

Get nicotine craving relief when withdrawal symptoms strike – anytime, anywhere – with Nicorette® Gum. When used as directed, Nicorette® Gum can double your chances of a successful quit. It is most effective when used alongside a behavioral support program.


Great-Tasting Gum

With its patented dual-coated technology, the outer coating of Nicorette® Gum seals in the inner layer for a burst of flavor that lasts. The result? Great-tasting gum that is a pleasure to pop into your mouth any time cravings take hold.