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Organic Dandelion Turmeric Herbal Tea 10 Bags Teeccino

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  • ORGANIC DANDELION ROOT TEA FOR DETOX: Healthy turmeric tea featuring dandelion root, a renowned detox tea & weightloss tea. 3x more herbs than standard tea bag for maximum health benefits. Choose from 8 dandelion flavors created by herbal tea designer Caroline MacDougall
  • ENERGY BOOST THAT'S CAFFEINE FREE: From nutrients, not stimulants. Rich, bold flavor with the health benefits of herbal tea. Delicious anytime of the day or night. Drink a cup of Teeccino for a comforting dessert tea that won’t interfere with sleep.
  • PREBIOTICS SUPPORT GUT HEALTH AND IMMUNITY: Inulin from chicory root is a prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds probiotics, restores gut health, and boosts the immune system. Enjoy delicious Teeccino Herbal Tea knowing that with each cup you’re improving your overall health and resiliency.
  • ENJOY HOT OR ICED: Teeccino keeps in your refrigerator for up to a week and can be reheated or poured over ice for a refreshing and satisfying cold drink on a hot summer day. Teeccino makes a great energy pick-up and low-calorie snack. Chill brewed Teeccino for a great smoothie base
  • RICH, FULL-BODIED TASTE: Roasted herbs, roots, fruits and nuts produce a satisfying, robust brew. Add milk, creamer or non-dairy alternatives as you prefer. Teeccino is a drink for the whole family because it’s caffeine free. Kids love Teeccino too