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Original Swedenbitters 35g Dry Herbal Blend Flora

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  • Dry Herbal blend for home preparation.
  • Pure Herbs only.
  • Stimulates digestive functions.
  • Promotes liver and gallbladder health.
  • Time-tested, effective, natural remedy.
  • Contains herbs traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as digestive tonics to relieve symptoms such as dyspepsia and constipation.

Traditionally used to stimulate digestive function, Swedish Bitters can help to improve mental and physical energy, circulation and more. Flora's Swedish Bitters is a combination of herbs including Aloe, Rhubarb root, Senna pods, Licorice, Fennel, Angelic and others, whose bitter qualities help to cleanse and tone the liver; ease digestive upset; stimulate the gallbladder function and promote regularity. Swedish Bitters have been used for years and valued for their healing and restorative properties.