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Pro PB11+ 30 Capsules Naka Professional

  • 60 billion CFU input during production
  • 200 mg of L-Glutamine to remedy leaky gut
  • Supports digestive health
  • Fights irritable bowel syndrome
  • Aids in weight management
  • Supports the immune system

Naka PRO PB11+ - A multi-strain probiotic with add L-glutamine to help support intestinal health. Gut flora does not just affect the gut, it is key to our immune system, weight management, skin health and ultimately our ability to absorb nutrients from our foods. When choosing a probiotic it is important to choose one that has multiple strains as our gut naturally contains hundreds of strains with affinities for different parts of the intestine and different therapeutic actions. In Naka Pro PB11+ you will find a number of Bifidobacterium strains, Lactobacillus strains, as well as others. All of the strains are acid and bile resistant and have demonstrated excellent adhesion to human epithelial cells. Added L-Glutamine is very important for healing the gut and has been shown to improve gut barrier function.