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Probiotic Gum 8 Pack Cultured Care

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  • Oral probiotic for your mouth Clinically researched Controls and eliminates bad breath
  • Prevents sore throats, ear infections and sinus problems Supports health of upper respiratory tract
  • Organic flavours

Canada's first and only probiotic gum recognized and licensed by Health Canada to fight bad breath and improve oral health. Our tasty chewing gum is the revolutionary delivery system for this unique oral probiotic and ensures the most effective distribution in the mouth. Infection protection starts in the mouth. With 500 million friendly bacteria, CulturedCareTM Probiotic Gum provides the mouth with the probiotic protection and resistance it needs to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath. It is also recommended for us after antibiotic use to re-colonize the mouth with the health-promoting bacteria that are destroyed by antibiotics. Made exclusively in Canada using proprietary technology that ensures the live probiotic bacteria remain active and effective. Organic flavours.