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PROTEINsmart Women's Whey with CLA 908g Lorna Vanderhaeghe


Lorna Vanderhaeghe, the leader in womens vitamins and supplements, introduces PROTEINsmart, a women's whey protein powder with CLA. This hormone and antibiotic free whey protein isolate supports fat reduction and improves body shape when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. PROTEINsmart supports a strong immune system and builds antibodies. Adiitionally it is a great source of all essential amino acids. 


  • Assists weight loss
  • Improves body shape when combined with a healthy diet and exercise
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Builds antibodies
  • A source of essential amino acides
  • Excellent source of protein

Directions: Add one scoop to 250 ml of water, yogurt, coconut milk or blend into a smoothie to taste. For weight management take 2 scoops a day for a total of 5000 mg of CLA. Take a few hours beofre or after taking other medications.