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Pure Wool Dryer Balls 3 Pack Moss Creek Wool Works

  • Softens laundry naturally – no harmful chemicals – great for babies, young children and people with sensitive skin
  • Hand Made in North America 100% Pure Premium Grade Sheep Wool. Don't Settle for Cheap Oversea Brands
  • Reduce tumble drying time by up to 30% and are reusable saving you time, energy and money!
  • Set of 3 premium quality 100% merino wool dryer balls. Unscented and Extra Large.
  • Lasts for 1,000+ loads. Eco friendly solution to chemical dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener

Our eco friendly wool dryer balls are hand-made with care in North America using only the finest merino wool which we source from farmers’ co-ops in New Zealand and Patagonia. Wool balls will save you time and money by reducing the drying time of your laundry. In addition to naturally softening your laundry wool dryer balls reduce wrinkles and decrease the need for ironing. Wool dryer balls are also quieter than plastic dryer balls and gentler on your clothes. In the highlands of New Zealand and Patagonia sheep spend most of the year living free on the slopes (this is why the merino wool from these countries is so prized). The producers we deal with do not practice muleing. Muleing is a cruel process that is used in warmer climates like Australia to deal with insects that can live in the Merino sheep’s skin folds. Our wool balls use 100% merino wool and never contain any dyes or chemicals.