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Quantum Digital Blue Eye Health 60 Softgels


Each nutrient was selected in the right ratios to create a formula that helps maintain eyesight and prevent Macula Degeneration.  The macular carotenoids in Digital Blue help eyes filter blue light from digital devices, and help optimize visual performance.

The average Canadian spends over half of their waking hours looking at digital devices which produce high energy blue light. Over time, exposure to blue light can cause significant issues for your eyes.

Digital Blue was formulated by one of the world’s leading experts in eye health nutrition. This blue light formula helps to maintain eyesight and prevent macular degeneration.

Digital Blue is formulated with 20mg Lutein, 4mg Zeaxanthin, 100mg Curcumin, 56.6mg Omega-3, 7.5mg Zinc, 33.56mg Vitamin E.