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Salinex Nasal Spray for Adults 30ml


Helps reduce symptoms of a dry, irritated nose.


9 mg/ml sodium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, glycerin, purified water.


Adults and children over 2 years: 1-2 sprays (0.1 ml) 1-3 times daily. Blow nose. Bend head forward and tilt to right. Place tip of nozzle in left nostril. Do not insert more than ¼ inch. Press down and follow same procedure in right nostril. Blow nose. Rinse nozzle with hot water before and after use, wipe with tissue.


Consult doctor before use if you have asthma or other chronic respiratory complaints. Do not share. Do not swallow. Consult doctor if: symptoms persist or worsen, no improvement after clearing nose, discharge is thick and yellow or green, skin at the base of the nose becomes raw or crusted, child has other signs of illness (fever, ear infection). If discomfort, discontinue use.