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SaniLotion Anorectal Cleaning Lotion Lightly Scented


SaniLotion is an external cleansing lotion for cleaning the anorectal area after a bowel movement. The special formulated ingredients help to moist and clean the area which cannot be achieved with toilet paper alone.  Skin moisturizing anorectal cleansing lotion hydrates and cleanses delicate skins.

SaniLotion needs to be spread on toilet paper each time before wiping. Apply SaniLotion on toilet paper and wipe. For better cleaning, start wiping from the bottom near the rectum. Repeat until it is thoroughly clean.

Not all types of toilet paper can withstand the lotion. Therefore, seek an alternative toilet paper brand in order to use with SaniLotion.

Some lotions are oil-based and have ingredients that irritate the sensitive area. SaniLotion cleans and does not need to rinse. Ordinary lotion use higher percentage of preservative but Sanilotion uses suggested percentage according to the guideline of PCCA.

Can be used as frequently as you need.

The key ingredients are zinc oxide, lanolin, Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus leaf oil. These ingredients are blended in an emulsified solution. Ingredients may cause irritations, but many people have no irritations or minor irritations. Should this product cause rashes and/or irritation, stop using it and consult your physician.

SaniLotion is for external use only. It is not meant to be taken orally or used internally.

There is no additive dye in this lotion. Wash your clothing according to your garment instruction and it should remove the residue.

If it is taken internally in large quantities, do not induce vomiting; consult medical attention immediately or call the toxic center for further instruction.