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Sorlex Natural Cold Sore Remedy 30ml Oral Spray

  • SORLEX is a 100% natural remedy.
  • SORLEX was developed by a naturopathic doctor and has been confirmed in clinical practice (by other naturopathic doctors).
  • SORLEX is 100% safe to use on its own or with other medications.
  • SORLEX acts quickly to decrease the pain, and expedite the recovery time of a cold sore.
  • SORLEX can prevent a cold sore from occurring in some instances if taken at the time of "the tingle".
  • SORLEX is a mess-free solution that doesn't draw attention to the site of the cold sore.
  • SORLEX stimulates the body's healing capacity from the inside out.
  • SORLEX has several unique active ingredients unavailable in competing treatment options. 

In an effort to find a more urgent and effective approach to treating the highly visible and painful cold sore lesions he suffered at a young age, David Miller went looking for a remedy.

Desperate for a solution during every outbreak, he tried everything. He found the glistening, oily products available to be ineffective. Worse, they drew further unwanted attention to the site of the cold sore.

15 years later, David Miller is now a naturopathic doctor and has developed an effective cold sore remedy, licensed by Health Canada. Dr. Miller's treatment relieves cold sore symptoms such as itching, burning and tingling. It has proved effective over and over again, first with his friends and family, and then with his delighted patients. He found that when the medicine was taken at the first tingle of a cold sore, it could sometimes stop a lesion from ever occurring. 

Further research into the active ingredients made it possible to identify the particularly effective plant families, culminating with SORLEX, the final product now brought to market. It continually provides lasting positive results for users, and relieves sufferers from the negative effects of cold sores.