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Vital Greens Liquid Boost Naka Original

  • Ginseng to help energize
  • Chlorophyll to detoxify and deodorize
  • Nutrients and botanicals help with digestion
  • Superfood Complex to aid pH balance and help stop craving
  • Take just one liquid tablespoon a day!

Get a LIQUID boost of essential green nutrients with Vital GREENS and help to energize and detoxify with just one easy liquid tablespoon a day. Join the liquid greens revolution and discover the superior absorbability and effectiveness of Vital GREENS! Vital GREENS liquid is a great tasting formula that features over 40 herbs and superfoods for vitamins, antioxidants and more! It’s the ideal choice to help energize, detoxify, stop cravings plus aid digestion. Vital GREENS is also the official green food supplement of the Hockey Hall of Fame. It provides a strong foundation to aid weight loss by helping to prevent cravings, balance pH levels, plus support better elimination and increased energy. All of these issues impact weight loss and can assist in the transition to a better lifestyle.

Why should you use Vital GREENS liquid? Vital GREENS liquid is up to 98% absorbable and taking just 1 tablespoon per day is easy. Powders do not dissolve easily and you have to drink 8 oz of a sometimes lumpy, green drink. The taste is mild and minty, plus it is sweetened with Stevia...a healthy choice. Vital GREENS is an excellent choice for weight loss, arthritis, constipation, any chronic condition, or anyone looking for better health and detoxification.